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TFS Aggregator not working in TFS 2012


I'm using TFS Aggregator for the follwong scenario:
  1. Update the state of a Bug, PBI (or any parent) to "In Progress" when a child gets moved to "In Progress"
  2. Update the state of a Bug, PBI (or any parent) to "Done" when all children get moved to "Done" or "Removed"
Following steps are already done:
• Using TFS 2012 server, Windows server 2008 R2 with SP1
• Tried for all the templates: (Agile, Scrm and CMMI)
• Updated the AggregatorItems.xml file to use a valid url to your server (an example of a valid url is http://YourTFS2010Server:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection) as per the template in use.
• Copied both the DLL and the AggregatorItems.xml file to the plugins location on the TFS Application Tier Server
• Valid names for source and destination fields in AggregatorItems.xml.
• Saved the file in utf-8 encoding (in Notepad ++ it is called “utf-8 without BOM”)
• Restared the server everytime.

Nothing is working.

Following steps are done for testing the plugin:
• Created two tasks and linked them as Parent and Child
• Changed the state of child to "Active/In Progress" however no transition in Parent Task WI.
• Changed the state of Child Task WI to "Closed/Resolved/Done" however no transition in Parent Task WI.

The Debug View is also not logging any logs.
• Filter is also applied.

I have been facing this issue since last 2 months now, in short the TFS Aggregator has never worked for me.

Please help in understanding whether the changes and testing is done correctly also, how to debug TFS Aggregator 2012.

Thanks & Regards,


Swapnil007 wrote Nov 11, 2013 at 11:39 AM

TFS Aggregator DLL is not getting picked up by the TFS server 2012.

rbanks54 wrote Jan 16, 2014 at 5:30 AM

Check the event log. There are likely some errors showing in there.

Generally you need to make sure that TFSService has permission to the EventLog registry keys and also that the TFSService account has permissions on the team project(s).

leptifrench wrote Nov 25, 2014 at 7:46 PM


was this ever resolved? i am looking for logs but cant find any, and it seems that the service is not running despite TFS Service being Collection Admin.

i have loaded the XML files there:

Could you help?