Task Activity Types

Jul 20, 2011 at 6:37 AM

I have aggregator up and running and it works great. One of the things we were looking to do, as we have modified the process workflow, is to only change to the done state for the parent when a task work item that has the Activity field set to testing and state is done. It doesn't look like this is possible as the condition section only seems to apply to the parent item. Here is what we thought would work but does not:

  <AggregatorItem operationType="String" linkType="Parent" linkLevel="1" workItemType="Task">
      <Mapping targetValue="Done" inclusive="And">
      <Condition leftField="Activity" operator="EqualTo" rightValue="Testing"/>
    <TargetItem name="State"/>
    <SourceItem name="State"/>

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.